dilluns, 2 de maig de 2011

There's no place for the word of an ARTIST!

Like you could realize it, I'm a painter, and if I you allow me to say that: I'm an artist. It's a noble adjective and I don't usually use it to describe myself... But why I say that? What's the point to stand out?

The artist always have been a person with a different mind of the population, with a strange way to watch the world which permits him/her to transmit the ideas which appear in his mind in a strange way but which usually helps to develop the culture of the country. We are now in a big crisis, and it's not a crisis of economic values, it's a crisis of MORAL values! The people make themselves comfortables, fall in the vacuum without thinking what's the best for themselves and take it easy: the flock says what to do... There is no need to relate the art with the revolution of the human values, of the essence to be someone else ('cause I think that there is more than one person who wants to be one more of the flock) and become to feel real human feelings! Art, for me, needs to be a way to feel, to act, to think, to meet troubles and to solve them, to comfort, to help, to open wounds and to close again... in general it's a way to EXPRESS! With the crisis of nowadays the people don't think with this spirit, the people fall in the temptation to leave the thoughts appart and to watch the art like another way to make beautiful our places... in music it's just a way to keep busy the population... and THAT's what I'm against. When you make a concert, you express yourself, you make to think other people what are you talking about! When you do a picture you are transmiting feelings, thoughts, solutions for a big trouble... That's not necessary for a lazy government, they don't want people against them, they need stupid people following the flock and no more! The capitalism makes the rest...

From man to man, finishing my writing: We need to promote Culture to fight against the government!